You Make Me Brave

Bicycles. Most of us remember having one as a child.  We learned to ride and having our own bike seemed like a rite of passage from being a toddler to a child.

In Bangladesh, it’s a status symbol if you own a bicycle. Most people walk, take rickshaws, or ride buses.  Most don’t know how to ride a bicycle.

Thanks to donors, we have been able to teach our Home of Hope kids how to ride a bike. They love to take turns riding even on the hottest of days.

The other day, returning home, we passed a young lady riding a bike.  Any time you see a female in an unusual role (driving, riding bike, etc.) they will stand out.  This time, as I “gawked”, I realized that I was seeing one of our former girls from the Home, riding to work!  I was amazed and proud at the same time at her ability to have an amazing job and her boldness to step outside the norm to accomplish her goals.

There’s a Christian song titled, “You Make Me Brave”. Our kids love this song.  It talks about our Champion, God, Who goes before us, preparing us to bravely enter into His grace–that He calls us beyond the shore, into the waves, beyond safety, to where we live in dependence on Him.

Who knew that a bicycle could be a tool that would enable a young lady to push beyond cultural norms and enable her to reach the goals God has given her. I pray that I’ll not let cultural expectations nor the safety of the known keep me from accomplishing what God has for me and daily depending on His grace.