Yikes! Our kids are questioning God…

Samson with HOH kids

Samson with Home of Hope Kids (pictured above) 


…and I’m so proud of them!!   And now let me share why. My husband often says about questioning God: “It’s ok to question God as long as you’re looking to God for answers.”

Samson, who grew up in our Home of Hope and now serves as Spiritual Life leader, on his own chose to have a Bible study with our older children.  What has been happening is that the deeper they go into the Word, “why” and “how” questions are emerging. Last week it was: “If God is 3 persons in one (Father, Son, Holy Spirit: Trinity) and God knows everything, then why did God the Son say about His return that no man knows the day nor the hour?”  Today they asked him why Jesus would curse an innocent fig tree.

I love this, not because our kids are learning about the Bible or will be able to do better in Bible quiz or pass a religion class exam, but that it reflects their desire to know God.  In any relationship, the closer you are and the longer you’re together, the more you know about that person.   And the more you love that person, the more you care to understand them.

For me, my faith is wrapped up in one word: relationship. It was God’s desire to have a relationship with me that ushered in human creation and Jesus’ sacrifice.   His return or my eternity is not about Heaven or streets of gold, but instead it is all about the “why”: “..that where I am, there you may be also.” John 14:3

-Sharon Smith