Pizza and Faith


The older I get the more fully I am convinced that some of the most important teachers in our lives are children.

Ask a Home of Hope kiddo what their favorite food is and you’re likely to get “meat” and “pizza”.  Now most of them have not actually had pizza but you know “if I were to have it – I know it would be my favorite“.  🙂

And leaving aside the fact that cheese is difficult for most Bengali tastes, there is something beautiful about faith and joy in something yet unseen – whether it be for a slice of pizza or a future generation of kids that change Bangladesh.

We talk a lot about change and development in my doctoral committee meetings, but what does change really look like?  Is it possible?  To which I say, “Yes- change is possible and more than that- it looks like a Home of Hope kiddo”.

Thank you to all who support Hope Generation!  I pray you find joy in something yet unseen!

-A Bangladesh intern