And a Little Child Will Lead Them…


We have the wonderful privilege of being able to “tuck into bed” over 100 children each night.  Every night, Rick goes down and tells every single boy good night. The younger ones have taken to pretending to be asleep and as he nears their beds, they jump up and “scare” him like zombies. Several boys each night in every room go through the “scaring” routine. Boys will be boys! What is amazing is even the bigger boys give him hugs at night. It is so good to be able to share the Father’s love with them.

One night last week, Rick was struggling with sneezing and sniffles. As he left one of the boys’ rooms, they stopped him, gathered around him, and prayed for Uncle’s cold. How awesome it is to see them live out their faith. If we could all just do as the Bible says and believe as a little child!

This last week in church, one of our little kindergarten boys stood up during prayer request time to give thanks to God for his tooth/mouth being healed. He had an abscessed tooth this past week and had to be on antibiotics. He had been in a great deal of pain. The dentist was saying that he thought the tooth would need to be pulled after the antibiotics, but now it won’t have to be pulled. It is great that he is thankful, but even greater that he knew Who to be thankful to.

Another little boy stood and asked prayer for his father who is extremely disabled (that’s why the little one is at the Home of Hope, as no one can care for him).  They are learning Who to go to for help, Who to be thankful to, and Who to give their lives to. We love watching this happen! What a privilege.

To be more like a little child!


-Elaine Pardee