Intentional Living


My dear friend Jean has spent the past eight years or so showing this strong-willed heart of mine what it is to get to know others intentionally, to be the hands and heart of Christ when and where we don’t necessarily have to be.

Over the simplicities of sweet tea and card games, she has had a way of looking into my eyes and holding with a most delicate care the pieces of my heart that are heavy. She rejoices with those who rejoice and weeps with those who weep.

Her example, along with the examples of my parents and others, pluck out a steady melody on my heart strings even now, half a world away, as a great Love looks into the eyes of these children and yearns to hold with a most delicate care the pieces of their hearts that are heavy.

Glimpses into just how great the needs are have been overwhelming at times. Praise God, the giver of every good and perfect gift, for those who are spending their lives and resources well for these children, for the future of this nation! Their long-haul-love marathon is quite different from my sprint.

Please take a moment to lift up the leaders, dorm parents, teachers, and other home, school, and Bible campus staff members in prayer.

– That God would continue to fortify their hearts with a strong sense of His great purposes in their daily tasks.

– That He would continue to grant wisdom and discernment beyond mere earthly reason as decisions are made.

– That He would continue to build relationships centered on His love, drawing all of their hearts together in unity.

Brothers and sisters, we have an incredible opportunity to take part in this great labor of love as we stand in the gap on their behalf, united in intentional prayer.

How awesome is our personal God who hears and is answering.



Kristina Stears has spent the past 2 1/2 months living at the Home of Hope.  Her servant heart beats strong for God and His children.   Her love, laughter and positive outlook goes contrary to what you’d expect from someone whose early life for a short period was so very difficult.  Perhaps having been herself a ‘child at risk’, she of all people could, without words, speak loudly into the hearts of our kids that there truly is Hope!  I think you’ll enjoy her insights!