Hope in the Star


The Christmas star….we see it on tops of Christmas trees, decorating our Christmas cards.  In Bangladesh, almost every believer will hang a homemade star above their simple home or church.

The star is one of the few symbols of Christmas that is accepted by both believers and non-believers, and yet as believers we KNOW what it symbolizes.  For the magi, it was a sign of hope as it led them to the new King.  For Jesus’ family, the star’s bringing the magi to them surely signaled hope that God was not only continuing to lead their lives, but was leading others to Jesus.  Even King Herod acknowledged in fear that a star was bringing change into his world. 

Our new Hope Generation logo is the star.  When we chose it, we had no idea that the timing of launching the website would be so close to Christmas.  In our simple logo, we acknowledge first and foremost that Jesus is our Hope and as we follow Him, we find everlasting life.

The secondary reason for a star and the significance of the arrow within our star is the strong purpose of Hope Generation: to raise up a generation who knows God is their hope and raise them to share that Hope for generations to come.
So this year, as you see the Christmas stars in various ways, be reminded that because of the Hope of Jesus in you, you are bringing the Hope of Jesus to others.  Merry Christmas!

-Sharon Smith