First Fruits


Durjoy with his “first fruits”


One of our Class 1 boys came to me a little over a week ago so excited!  His teacher had given every student some seeds to grow a few plants of their own.  When I came home from school one day, he came running, saying “Auntie, look!”  He had a small handful of green beans in his hand and his face was beaming!  He was so proud of planting and growing his own “crop.”

This was on a Thursday and Friday is our church day here.  His next words were, “I want to bring these to church tomorrow to give to God as my first fruits.”  At church here, sometimes people bring some of their crops to have auctioned off and the money goes to the church.  Durjoy wanted his “first fruits” to go to God.  So thankful for this little boy!  I will say I participated greatly in that auction and was able to “buy” that handful of green beans.

Lord, help me to always give my “first fruits” to you!  I may not grow green beans, but you bless me with talents, time, and resources that I need to remember to always give to you from the best of those.


-Elaine Pardee