Dilemma of Faith

Hang in there kitty #3


We probably all have seen pictures of cute kittens encouraging us to “hang in there”. Recently, I was in Bangkok with my husband for one week as he completed his radiation treatments. As we left to return to Bangladesh, in the hustle of transferring bags from taxi to airport cart, I left my backpack in the taxi. I have a “thing” I normally do when I get out of taxis or get up to board a plane: I look back at my seat to see if I’ve left or dropped anything. This time I failed to do that. I contacted friends in Bangkok and asked God to help them find the bag.

Heather & Dianne went to great lengths to track down the backpack, including watching cctv tapes both at the hotel and airport showing us getting into the taxi, our arrival at the airport and unloading everything except my backpack. With the help of the Thai airport police, my friends were able to identify me, my bag, and then tracked down the taxi number and driver. Initial contact with the taxi company gave little hope that it could be found.

We had been hanging on to hope until this point; but as the hours ticked away and no information, hope turned to despair as the loss was not reported. My “hang in there” stance changed as I encouraged my friends to just “let it go” (which they did not do!). Sitting in Bangladesh there was nothing I could do. I had gone from asking God to provide a miracle, to accepting the loss, to asking Him to use the things to bless the people who may need the items more than I did. It was at the point that I “let it go” in my prayers that God provided the miracle. An honest Thai taxi company owner returned the bag to my friend.

It’s hard to know when to “hang on” and when to “let it go”, isn’t it? The interesting thing is this: both require faith! Hanging on implies that by staying strong and standing firm, God will bless. Letting go implies that by giving up our will, turning our burdens over, God will bless.   Whichever way you choose to face a dilemma or a challenge in your life, both require relying on God. Hanging on for pride’s sake, or letting go because it’s convenient, negate our need for God to intervene.

“God, in the middle of the tiniest of ‘junk’ in my life or the greatest challenges I may face, let me remember You’ll be there for me as You either give me the strength to hang on or the wisdom to know when You want me to let it go.”


-Sharon Smith