Big God, Small Moments


The thunderous voice of evil is nothing new to this world. It is particularly familiar to those who have followed Christ through it. As much as we entertain the image of the bad angel on our shoulder opposite the good, our enemy isn’t so easily flicked away.

This can, at times, make it difficult to know how to pray on behalf of Christians in such minority settings as Bangladesh (0.3% !). But, be not mistaken, God is moving in big ways throughout each day’s small moments. These children are incredibly precious, and they’re asking profound questions as they are exposed to the word of God.

Support from those who love these children, near and far, gives them a safe place and healthy environment to “work out their salvation…” There is certainly no shortage of fun and laughter. A vibrant joy fills many moments, but they are wrestling with the big truths of good versus evil, both in the world around them and within their own hearts.

“Why hasn’t He taken the pain away?”

“I’m truly sorry, but struggle with the same sin. Have I used up God’s grace?”

“What about this person I love who passed away without knowing Jesus?”

“What if the deepest dreams of my heart just don’t happen for a kid from Bangladesh?”

As little voices pray in broken English for our good God to bring the peace, I’m reminded that our prayers do not have to be eloquent to be effective. May we pray along with them and share in their joy as the Lord answers:

– That they would know the grace of our good God intimately.

– That they would not shy away from asking the questions that weigh on their hearts, that God would continuously equip the leaders around them to share the truths they need to hear.

– That their identity in Christ would grow stronger daily and remain unwavering in the face of worldly lies.

Remember the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. That God is our God, and we share in His promises.

“They shall not labor in vain or bear children for calamity, for they shall be the offspring of the blessed of the Lord, and their descendants with them. Before they call I will answer; while they are yet speaking I will hear.”




Kristina Stears recently spent 2 1/2 months living at the Home of Hope.  Her servant heart beats strong for God and His children.   Her love, laughter and positive outlook goes contrary to what you’d expect from someone whose early life, for a short period, was so very difficult.  Perhaps having been herself a ‘child at risk’, she of all people could, without words, speak loudly into the hearts of our kids that there truly is Hope!  I think you’ll enjoy her insights!