Action Songs

Sometimes, I wonder where God is in all this mess- where He is the enormity of the suffering that is Bangladesh.

One winter, I was teaching a seminar on campus (in Bhadun, Bangladesh).  I realized that I had left my textbook in the classroom, so I stuck my head in before class and grabbed the book.  The class was finishing another session with a song.  The song had motions–action songs are in for ALL ages in Bangladesh which I personally think is pretty awesome!  Anyway, sometimes with this song there are motions of walking but the action of the day was the steering a small common Bengali boat. The words in Bengali are equally as common in vocabulary.  “Jesus is with me.”  In their minds, Jesus doesn’t have a white face.  He has dark skin and speaks Bengali and is comfortable on Bengali roads and in small boats!  He is Emmanuel. (“God with us”)

So, where is God?  He is with the mourning in the rubble of a collapsed clothing factory.  He is with the beggar—with the ones sold into slavery.  His heart is bent to the broken, the suffering, the lost.  My not understand the timing of His justice in no way diminishes its certainty.  Miraculously- astoundingly- He invites us to join Him in His Missio Dei.   Do justice -Micah 6:8


 -A Bangladesh intern