Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be the only sponsor for my child?

Each child has one Academic sponsor and, if living at the Home of Hope, one Home Life sponsor. Since the Home of Hope children have need of 24-hour care and provision for all needs, they require two sponsorships: Academic ($25/month) and Home Life ($40/month). Whether you opt to do one or both types of sponsorships, every partner is valued and receives all communication from their child.

Is my monthly gift tax deductible?

Yes, your monthly sponsorship gift is tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Will I receive a receipt of my monthly support?

Checks or cash received will be receipted that month.  You will receive an annual giving statement from Hope Generation in January.

How long does my sponsorship last?

We offer you the opportunity to continue your relationship with your sponsored child until graduation from the sponsorship program. Typically, for Home of Hope children, this is until they finish high school.  If at the time of graduation you would like to continue to help your child with their higher education or choose a new sponsorship, that opportunity will be available. There are times when a sponsored child leaves our program early for valid reasons such as their extended family’s situation improved and they are now able to provide for the child they once had to give up. When this happens, we will notify you giving you the option of sponsoring another child in need.

What happens if I am unable to continue with my child sponsorship?

We are aware that changing circumstances may cause you to be unable to continue with your monthly support. In the event that you choose to discontinue your sponsorship, please notify us immediately so that we may find another sponsor.

What information can I expect to receive from my sponsorship?

Every year you will receive at least two letters, a development update, a Christmas card and an updated photo. Every attempt is made to respond to any correspondence initiated by you.

Can I send letters?

We encourage you to send letters. This is a great way to connect on a personal level. Your sponsored child wants to know about you as much as you want to know about him/her. Let them know about your family, pets, hobbies and sports, work or school, where you live, and anything that they would find interesting about you.

Letters can be sent through your online account, by email (, or by mailing them to:

Hope Generation
P.O. Box 493352
Redding, CA  96049

Can I send photos?

Yes, however please be sensitive to the cultural differences and make sure that those shown in your picture are dressed modestly. Photos can also be sent through your online account or mailed to the address above.

Can I send gifts?

No, but you can give gifts in a unique way! Visit our donation page where you can opt to give money for a gift or candy/snack for your child to purchase from our Hope Store (proceeds go to the Home), or towards your child’s savings account (held in their name in a credit union until they are 18 years old). Checks can also be sent; please be sure to include your intentions for the money in any donation you make.

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